hpg Composite​

Do you need a more customized pipe?​​

Our full-plastic pipes are made of PE-RT, Type 1 with an oxygen barrier. They meet all the requirements all related DIN and ISO standards and are therefore perfectly suited for the following applications: underfloor heating, wall heating, concrete core activation, radiator connection, heating and cooling ceilings. Available in dimensions from 8mm up to 32mm. Full customization (color, coil size and packaging) on request.

  • PE-RT Type I
  • class 4/5 – 6bar
  • Oxygen diffusion barrier acc. DIN 4726
  • SKZ A220
  • KOMO K13789, BRL 5607
  • ISO 10508
  • ISO 24033
  • ISO 22391
  • DIN 16833/4
  • DIN Certco 3V217
  • CE ETA 16/0033