hpg Composite PLUS​​

We can do even more - our PE-RT tube for 10 bar!​​

Our hpg Composite PLUS pipes are exceptionally resistant to stress corrosion cracking. Therefore, these Type II pipes resist high temperatures and operating pressures and are particularly suitable for drinking water systems, sanitary applications (hot and cold), radiator connection, surface heating and high pressure requirements. The hpg Composit PLUS tubes are approved for classes 1-4 for 10bar and class 5 to 8bar, depending on the dimension. Available in dimensions from 8mm up to 32mm. Full customization (color, coil size and packaging) on request.

  • PE-RT Type II
  • class 1-4 – 10bar, Klasse 5 – 8bar
  • Oxygen diffusion barrier acc. DIN 4726
  • SKZ A220
  • KOMO K1378, BRL 5607
  • ISO 10508
  • ISO 24033
  • ISO 22391
  • DIN 16834
  • DIN Certco 3V217
  • CE ETA 15/0755
  • KIWA K57643, BRL-K563-H
  • DVGW W270