hpg Inverse​​

Probably the most safest 5-layer PE-RT pipe in the market​​

The harsh enviroment on the construction sites demands a lot from our products. hpg-Inverse 5-Layer pipes have a thicker outer layer due to an innovative extrusion process, which distinguishes it from all other pipes. Because of this, the pipe is extremely well protected against mechanical damage. Approved for Class 4 and 5 applications the pipe meets all the requirements of current ISO and DIN standards. Available in dimensions from 10mm up to 17mm. Full customization (color, coil size and packaging) on request, perfectly tailored to your requirements.

  • PE-RT Type 0, Type I oder Type II
  • class 4/5 – 6bar
  • Oxygen diffusion barrier acc. DIN 4726
  • SKZ A666 (Typ I+II), SKZ A684 (Typ 0)
  • KOMO K84463 (Typ I+II), K8773 (Typ 0), BRL 5607
  • ISO 10508
  • ISO 24033
  • ISO 22391
  • DIN 16834
  • DIN Certco 3V394
  • CE ETA 16/0033